Programs & Services

Pre-Trial Services:

This program is to supervise defendants while their cases are pending in the Sandusky County Common Pleas Court. During their time on pre-trial services, the defendants will need to maintain contact with their pre-trial officer, complete a risk assessment survey, and follow all directives given by the Court in reference to bond. If a defendant fails to do this, the pre-trial services officer will notify the Court.

Presentence Investigation (PSI):

                PSI reports provide the Court thorough background information on defendants appearing before the Common Pleas Court for sentencing. The reports include offense information, criminal history, social history, prior probation information, and victim input.

Community Control Supervision:

                This supervision provides general management of offenders who have either successfully completed intensive supervised probation or are at less risk for recidivism. These officers monitor compliance with court-orders and issue probation violations when necessary.

Intensive Supervision (ISP):

This supervision is designed to supervise and monitor offenders at a higher risk for recidivism in the community by providing a more restrictive, intensive supervision. If an offender is given this sanction in Court, that offender must complete this program prior to being placed on basic community control supervision.

Drug Testing:

                The Adult Probation Department does perform urinalysis testing on offenders in the Court system and under supervision.

Intervention in Lieu of Conviction:

                Per the Ohio Revised Code, the Adult Probation Department determines eligibility for the Court of offenders referred for an intervention in lieu of conviction program. If accepted, the Adult Probation Department will supervise the offender under basic community control supervision until the successful completion of the intervention plan.